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    Device-(Development) Support Asus Essence STX II??

    Just noticed that the latest driver released for W8.1 64-bit was 2015/06/30. Still in Beta! ??
    Are you guys like Samsung? Release a product and straight afterwards drop the support and make new product instead?
    It is in my opinion ridiculous that a high-end card that still sells for (200-250 euro) receive no- updates at all.
    While it hardware-wise outperforms the newer cards released by you guys (the Raid-serie) .
    Any ETA or more information about updates??

    Beta Version

    Description Beta driver ver. , Audio Center version:
    1. Fix ASIO 64-bit
    2. Turkish UI wording update
    File Size 69.66 MBytesupdate 2015/06/30
    Download from Global

    Description V8.1.11.5
    1st driver release
    File Size 16.98 MBytesupdate 2014/04/22
    Download from Global

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