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    Xonar Phoebus, no SPDIF sound

    ive had this card since I dont know when and i have never been able to get the Digital sound to work. I always thought it was my optical cables, but i just bought a new one and still nothing. I have a logitech z5500 sound system that wont detect anything when switched over to digital. I also have a brand new Denon x4100w receiver that i have been trying to connect my PC to with no luck. Ive reinstalled the drivers, disabled onboard audio with no luck, any suggestions?

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    Im not sure, but, you change the audio output in audio preferences? (Playback devices) You need use the digital audio (S-PDIF).
    Yes is very basic, but is for sure And other way, you can make this change on your phoebus drivers menú. In spdif out.

    When you use the digital output, you have two options, send the signal on pure raw, no decoded to the channels. Or send the decode
    signal to your external deco. I supposed your use this option.

    Check carefully the cables. The audio settings, sample rate, etc...on your audio card drivers.

    Sorry me english, cheers!

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