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    blurry movement with mouse

    hello i need some help, first my specs- asus pg279q, gtx 1080, i7 6700k , 500 ssd, 16 ram.
    i have a problem, when gaming with mouse (first person shooters- bf1 ,bf4, titanfall 2 ...) the mouse movement looks drunk. when fps is about 90-110 game looks and feels far from being smooth on all games (with mouse) above 120 mouse movement is good. all of my other games (the witcher 3, dirt rally... that i play with xbox 1 controller) looks and feels great. i haved tried everything to fix problem but im starting to think that this is a problem on all asus pg279q monitors. can anybody relate or have a way to fix this?
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    I know a lot of FPS games have an option called "Mouse acceleration" do you have that disabled?

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