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    Rampage V Ed 10. D6 error. Dead PCIE

    So over the past few weeks ive had some stability issues with my system, resently had video driver crash and aura failing to sync the gpu i planned on doing a clean install. Last night my pc turned off and restarted, qcode D6 shown. Cleared CMOS and rebooted, system went into windows for about 5 mins then system restarted and gave D6 again and it wont clear.

    list of troubleshooting steps:
    Clear CMOS
    reseat GPU into riser
    reseat ram, removed all but i stick
    swap riser to different PCIE ports
    Plug GPU into pcie ports directly
    plugged alternate gpu into motherboard directly
    switched bios using onboard second bios chip
    pulled cpu and inspected for socket damage, none found.

    system build
    Rampage v ed 10
    I7 6850k @4.4ghz
    8x8gb 3000mhz corsair vengeance rgb
    m.2 ssd (booted before)
    strix 1080ti

    anymore troubleshooting steps would be appreciated, if i cant resolve by friday ill be sending the board in for RMA

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