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    Keyboard Replacement for G56JR. Please help.

    Hi i was wondering if someone knows how to find a replacement for that laptop. I've been looking everyewhere and i cant seem to find any keyboard replacement.
    The laptop model is here. My problem is not one key but the keyboard randomly stops functioning for a very brief period of time (<1 sec) in which no key seems to be registered or the key i want doesnt respond. Like it's not registering the last key i pressed.
    I've been looking for asus parts and so far none of the keyboard replacements matches my own. I've seen some sites sold the whole module for other ASUS model (G75) like this. So i dont know if i had to buy the whole module or if the keyboards sold separately.
    Or maybe i should buy a replacement for the G55X models and hope it fits. I'm also trying to find keyboards for G56jk to no avail.

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