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    Question Can I get digital 5.1 S/PDIF out on a G752VT ?

    I’d like to hook up a very old Cambridge Soundworks Desktop Theater 5.1 speaker system to a G752VT. The manual says that the headphone jack is also a S/PDIF output.

    The RealTek HD audio software indicates that a 5.1 speaker system can be selected. My 5.1 speaker system only has a AC3/RCA jack for Dolby digital input and two regular headphone mini jacks for 2-front and 2-rear analog speakers. The front speakers only work with the laptop using the headphone jack. The RealTek HD software won't recognize the rear speaks plugged into the microphone jack (it thinks they are the center speaker). I tried using a $5 adapter to turn the AC3 SPDIF RCA cable into a mini plug but it didn’t work. But, I don't know if the cable doesn't work right or if its only sending a 2 channel output signal.

    Will the laptop only support 2-channel output? Do I need a special digital cable to plug in to the laptop and into a separate digital converter box that the speakers would plug into?

    I’m trying to understand what external pieces I need (cables, converters, etc.) if it will work at all.

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