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    Display Port 1.4 and Future Monitors

    Okay, my math is terrible with trying to figure this out, but here's what I know:

    On DisplayPort 1.2, we can have the 34 inch 21:9 format monitors at 3440x1440, which isn't exactly 1440p and it's not 2160p. It's somewhere in between in total pixels being pushed. So far we have seen that the monitors can be pushed to 100hz. The bandwidth limits on the DP 1.2 is 17.28Gbit/s.

    Since Nvidia now has the GTX 1080 with a DP 1.4 port, we have access to 32.4Gbit/s. This allows for a 2160p signal @120hz. Does this mean the same for ultrawide as the DP1.2? Will we be seeing a 5160x2160 21:9 monitor @ 100hz, or is that not possible due to badwidth restrictions? I know that 5k@60hz is possible @60hz, but 5k is pushing even more pixels at 5160x2880.

    I know all of this is hypothetical, but if someone has an actual Resolution + refresh rate = bandwidht required calculator, I would love to be pointed in that direction.

    Thanks in advance!

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