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    Question GL552VW Wont boot/turn on

    Hello Guys!

    I bought my brother GL552VW last month. Yesterday(May 14, 2016) he was still playing it and later this morning(May 15, 2016) it just wont boot/turn on
    because I can see the Power LED on, Num Lock Led on, and The BULB LED (I don't know what it is ). Also I noticed that Battery LED is green but Its LED also
    dies when the other LEDS turns off.

    The methods I have tried are the following:

    1. Remove battery and plug in the charger and turn it on. -> No effect
    2. Re-plug battery and plug in the charger turn it on. -> No effect
    3. Remove battery and plug then push the power button for 30 seconds and plug the charger back and turn it on. -> No effect
    4. Repeat method 3 and push the power button longer. -> No effect

    Are there still any other solution for this? or it needs to undergo warranty?

    Thank you guys in Advance!

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