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    Fans cycle with casual load

    I have an i7 Skylake system and my fans cycle up (and then down within seconds) even with just reading email and simple web pages.

    I have gone into fan Xpert and set curves and spin up/down delays where this just should never happen.
    I have my hard drive fan set on constant, but the others set on auto based on temps.

    Is there something else I should check? With the delayed times I have on the spin up and spin downs, I don't understand how fan or fans can speed up for 5 seconds or so and then slow back down.

    I also just saw all 3 fans (CPU, Back and Top) all cycle on their graphs in fan xpert to a speed above the "line"/current temp. for about 5 seconds and then come back down to the line. Don't know if that makes sense but based on the temp the speed should be say 1,100 but it cycled up to like 1400 then it came back down to the speed it should have been based on the temp. First time I have seen that so it is all the fans (other than the constant one) that are doing it if that helps.

    Thanks for any help.

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    Try setting the temp target a little higher and see if that keeps the fans calm while web browsing.

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    mine does this and is really annoying - ive tried changing temperatures and delay spin up time and it still does it

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    Mine did this too -- not very often, but random. Minimized it by setting the case fans to 12sec delay on both spin up and spin down and tweaking the mid-range temp, but they still did it. Also had a longer delay to bring the CPU fan up to full speed compared to what I set; had to move the high temp trigger point down a little to make it work consistently.

    Then I switched to not using AI Suite at all, and tweaked the fans all in BIOS, and the problem is gone. Only occasional slight increases in speed that directly correlate to background CPU activity.

    HINT: Use the Q-Fan tuner curve to drag your trigger points for case and CPU fans -- it's available off the top of the BIOS screen. For the CPU and case fans, set the delays in the Q-Fan control area on the Monitor tab, but not the trigger points. The temperature/speed setpoint values have some arbitrary limits here, but if you leave these alone the BIOS will use the values you set with the click-and-drag control in the separate Q-Fan screen. Just set your spin-up/spin-down values here. If you're controlling your water pump with the BIOS, you have to use the settings for it in the Monitor tab. If your pump allows variable speeds, you can set your range there.
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    Motherboard: Maximus VIII Hero
    Processor: I7 6700K - 4.9GHz OC
    CPU Cooler: Corsair H80i v2
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    I had a similar issue that happened seemingly out of nowhere, at first, but realized what i had done. I had been monkeying with a bunch of settings in my BIOS and AI Suite, and after all my tweaking/testing I had cleared my CMOS to put in my final settings. Did everything I needed to, but initially left my core voltage on auto, which set it to 1.392 volts.

    I have custom fan curves that keep my fans steady / quiet until they hit the upper 40's which for my use is indicative of me playing a game. Under normal loads, surfing the web, it usually sticks around the 30's.

    So as i was casually reading stuff on the web, i kept hearing my fans rev up real high & then back down. Open up Steam, fans rev'd up and then back down. Open up any apps really, the fans would rev.

    Come to find out my core voltage was at 1.392v from when i cleared my CMOS. The higher voltage was causing temp spikes when opening apps that would hit ~45C, just above my threshold so i kept hearing little revs in my fans.

    I set my voltage back down to where i like it / tested it, 1.325v (45x multiplier) and the fan revs / temp spikes went away. The temps still increase when apps open obviously, but it stays at the low 30's (non-gaming).

    Just something else to consider - sorry if this was a bit lengthy.

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    Agree with trying BIOS options instead of Ai Suite

    Agree with earlier comments around trying the BIOS options instead of Ai suite.
    I too was getting weird things happening with fan speed controls using the Ai Suite.
    Ended up uninstalling it entirely and went with the BIOS Q-Fan options and never looked back since.

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    mine does it with just bios only - what settings u using for fan control?

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