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    predator 360 1.1 pump issue

    hey guys, hoping someone here might be able to help or point me in the right direction with a couple of things.

    First issue, the hub that came with my 360 stopped working. To circumvent this niggle I hooked the fans up and have them connected via PWM to the CPU header - no problems here. The pump on the other hand has given me quite a few hassles.

    I've swapped it around various fan headers including the dedicated water pump header on my mobo (asus z170 sabertooth) and it'll work for the most part, but every few days when waking from sleep or start up it just wont spin up, and the only thing that will get her spinning again is me going into the UFEI to reset all BIOS prefs and redo the whole system fan profiles (sometimes I have to change the hub it's connected to). Something I haven't tried (I dont think anyway, I've tried lots of stuff) is to have it set to DC instead of PWM and have a constant voltage. I guess my question is does the pump need a minimum signal strength to reliably start up? Are there some PWM/fan profile caveats to avoid altogether for the pump component?

    Second possible issue, my cpu temps fluctuate somewhat (under the normal predator operational status). I'm talking when idle and in Windows. They'll vary by 10 degrees up and down with nothing open or happening. I'm getting these readings from MSI After Burner. When looking at the temps in the UFEI the curve sits on a stable 24 degrees, so I suspect if there is a problem it's happening in the OS somehow.

    I see that the pumps Operating voltage are 8*-13,2VDC *9v starting
    Could it be that the starting 9v isn't being fed to the unit when waking from sleep and sometimes from start? I have a 4pin extension cable between the pump cable and the motherboard. I could try connecting it directly (with no extension cable) to the mobo, but does cutting the ties void the warranty?

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