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    G501JW Game issues

    I bought the G501JW about a year ago ever since, I have been experiencing stutters in games such as CS:GO.
    At first I thought the problem came from the computer having to play 2 or more different sounds at once (EX. Drawing a the knife and an AWP shot at once) but recently it has been occurring more often than usual (At lesat 10 times a DM game).
    Is anyone experiencing this? if so, does anyone have a fix for this or is this a defect in my model and I should take it for warranty.

    Something is also different with Fallout 4. I am unable to launch the game in fullscreen and I have to play in windowed mode (Black screen if I put FHD resolution at fullscreen).
    I need to get a fix for all these problems soon. Can anyone help me?

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