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    G501JW Game issues

    I bought the G501JW about a year ago ever since, I have been experiencing stutters in games such as CS:GO.
    At first I thought the problem came from the computer having to play 2 or more different sounds at once (EX. Drawing a the knife and an AWP shot at once) but recently it has been occurring more often than usual (At lesat 10 times a DM game).
    Is anyone experiencing this? if so, does anyone have a fix for this or is this a defect in my model and I should take it for warranty.

    Something is also different with Fallout 4. I am unable to launch the game in fullscreen and I have to play in windowed mode (Black screen if I put FHD resolution at fullscreen).
    I need to get a fix for all these problems soon. Can anyone help me?

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    Hello Sheldon,

    Sorry to hear you're facing some issues in your games. We tried similar games (especially CS:GO) on our G501JW. However, there are no issues arising from our end. Will try that with Fallout 4 as well and let you know soon!

    Just wondering - have you tried setting your notebook power to 'high performance' mode?

    For more technical support, we would advise you to contact our local representative at the following below:-

    Phone Number:- 1300-883495
    Mon~Fri, 09:00-18:00

    Update: Fallout 4 - fullscreen fix, do try to visit Steam's page (LINK) and try the recommended steps?
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    G501JW Game Issues

    Yes I tried that already and it works fine, but I am still rather annoyed that the fact that the game wouldn't recognize the GPU (2gb GTX 960m)
    I believe that the CS:GO problem with my laptop was due to a CPU issue.

    I already sent my unit to an Asus service center and I recently got it back after 4 days (guy said it would between 1-2 weeks so kudos for that).
    Turns out a hella lot of things had to be replaced:
    Motherboard (I am assuming both GPU and CPU)
    SSD (Fallout 4 was here and CS:GO was also here until Both had problems)
    Hard Drive (tho unnecessary i believe (CS:GO was downloaded here) (problems also occurred here)
    Factory reset to WIN 8.1 (2nd factory reset since Windows 10 broke it the first time (games not launching, Fallout 4 problem started happening, CS:GO stuttering really showed itself at this point)
    P.S: Everything was FOC which is nice

    Unfortunately after everything was replaced and everything has almost been re-downloaded, I am getting one giant issue with the laptop (AGAIN) which is a significant performance slow down)
    I have benchmarked the laptop on 3DMark Fire Strike and I noticed that my scores have been seriously knocked down. I was getting 3700-4000 points/Accumulative FPS previously but I got 3500 after I re downloaded the software (Yes I bought the software off steam)
    But since benchmarks wouldn't truly reflect on real world performance, I decided to fire up CS:GO to see if my problems have been solved, and sad to say, I have no idea. I also fired up an in game net graph and discovered that the fps was dropping very low. Before I sent it to warranty I was getting a solid 90-130FPS but now it gets 50-70 FPS (and very occasional spikes to 110FPS) WITH HIGH PERFORMANCE MODE ON. That is more than half of my FPS missing, and is used to play at 110FPS in a similar scenario previously.
    This is very upsetting as I was virtually promised an almost brand new computer when it came back. My last resort (or quite possibly my last ounce trust for the Asus ROG line of laptops) is trying out Fallout 4, and I am heartbroken to say this but I am getting a black screen (with the error message) when I launch the game.
    Now here I sit with a hypothetically busted laptop which can't handle its advertised function (which is to game at high FPS and quality settings on realistic titles).

    Looking towards the bright side of things, web browsing has no issues and downloading is still as stable as always. Keyboard has its squeakiness fixed and it is works well.

    Note: SSD is smaller than it was (currently sitting at 107GB compared to my previously larger 124ishGB SSD (which was before the warranty replacement)

    Yes, I use the High-Performance Mode but I didn't see any changes so I reverted back to balanced (After extensive testing)

    If nothing can be solved I think I might just wanna try to trade it in to an Ultrabook since it can't really game (and it can't really last half the day without its brick of a charger). Although I really doubt that anyone would do that.

    Check out the pre-warranty review here: BLOG POST
    Just out of curiosity, can you give me an opinion about this review and what I'm missing (BTW I furthered my research and found that the ICE COOL technology that you apply to most of your laptops are designed to keep the palm rest cool and not the whole laptop cool).

    EDIT: I reran the benchmarks and now they seem to be giving scores 3800+ which is a good sign, but CS:GO is still being a pain. I really don't want to send this in for warranty again.

    This is beyond infuriating. I can't run Fallout 4 and I cant run CS:GO. I don't often play other games with this and I feel that this is nothing but a glorified ChromeBook that can't last till lunch. I need an instant fix otherwise I might have to forfeit a match because I can't be there to carry my team.
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