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    Exclamation ASUS ROG G20AJ HD Failed

    Well after just 1.5 year the HD which was installed in the desktop broke down finally after one night. SInce my warranty is expired, I decided to open up the computer to replace my HD. It is a brand new HD so I thought I should format it first and I did it with a laptop and an external drive enclosure. After that I put the HD in, It keeps going into BIOS, it recognizes the HD but wont go to windows installation screen. Do I have to do something about the HD? Oh I also tried flashing the BIOS (removed the jumper for awhile)
    I hate that the computer didn't include a disc.. so frustrated to install something when the HD was fried. SO how am I going to reinstall my windows 8.1 without a disc without the original HD?

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    Make sure you turn off Secure Boot to let it boot from USB or DVD..
    Computers haven't come with "a disc" in ages, did you make a recovery USB stick at any point in the last 1.5 years? that would have been your recovery media.
    If you want a factory fresh build you can also buy the recovery media from Asus, or as you've found you can roll your own.

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