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    Clean install windows with AHCI on samsung 950.

    There you go. I got mine 8 to 10 second.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JustinThyme View Post
    First thing is get to BIOS 213. 15-18 seconds is on par with anything before. Pretty sure that in and of itself will shorten your boot time, no other intervention needed.
    Samsung drivers have ZERO advantage over the native windows NVMe drivers. Read around in the threads, particularly the one where BIOS 213 first came out. This has been proven multiple times. The samsung drivers also only work on consumer SSDs. They are not installed from the factory because they dont work on Samsung OEM drives. Same goes for the magician software.

    My Config
    G752VY BIOS 213
    2x512GB 950 pros in RAID0
    64GB RAM
    1TB Samsung 850EVO
    Factory Bluray
    Windows 10 Pro from original factory image (upgraded from home edition)
    Updated drivers
    No Samsung software period, no magician or drivers.
    Fast boot disabled both in BIOS and Windows. Fast boot causes more problems than anything else as your machine never does a full shut down. Its more of a hybrid hibernate. Dumps the contents of your memory to hiberfil.sys file then resumes from that. I don't like writing that much data to my SSDs repeatedly. Only shortens the lifespan with unnecessary writes.

    Cold boot 10 seconds. I've heard stories of 8 seconds, 6 seconds etc. Ill but the 8 seconds on maybe but call Bull Sheet on 6 seconds.

    You don't want Samsung rapid mode. It actually gives worse performance than leaving it as is. All it does is a hybrid ram drive and looks really good when doing benchmarks with small write clusters. Make the clusters bigger and it tanks hard. The performance will spike until the buffer is full then straight into the toilet.

    I see thanks for the clarification. I am on bios 213. I'll disable fast boot as well later.

    Thanks senpai!

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