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    Amazing FX_Carrizo notebook review (X555DG.,.)

    So far my impressions have been good. Everything pre-installed and working out of the box. 15w cTDP might be considered low until you see it work !

    Only 1 Watch_Dog_Violation happened and a re-install of the OS fixed it, of course i made a Asus driver disk first, and any minor errors are gone. I do think Asus is using a factory Win10 version for these and found 18 very hidden from system drivers that boot , not in clean install though.

    Framework was installed but not updated properly, same goes for (VB 2005-2013). Win update ended up placing lower versions or higher versions ontop of them causing errors to happen, not in clean install.

    So over all i put the notebook to the test heard the rumors of utilization problems, hmm i fixed that Cheers

    Posting the D3D11.1 version of what i consider amazing system heavy game when running at 1080p and allowed it to auto-detect settings and run it , and it ran seamless smooth at temps lower than 50c!

    Game in pics and probes set on is Civilization-V, i heard Beyond Earth is even more demanding but lets start at Entry level into the game, which is a little old, but hey

    so is Crysis-3! and aint no one running that Ultra yest still lol HA i do find that funny, always will ....

    So here it is i also included in the monitoring snapshot how i properly parked the cores / freq to obtain a solid stable gaming notebook version of the 555DG.

    Please note the Carrizo is a power saving CPU and was ment to run low, so i created a proper Power_Saver power plan and named it and configured based off the Asus driver configurations they install with there drivers.

    Something else i noticed, Asus had done something to all the power plans in the Asus Win-10 and ended up causing a BSoD when i started to configure them, Clean install fixed that.

    Running 2 desktops also at the time.
    ****Minimized for snapshots, game did start in full screen and it was set at 1080p, was no way to take full screen shot yet, just got setup.

    As you can see not everything got set to High settings, there is no ultra in this game, and i wasnt running High Performace Cheers and GL everyone with there Carrizo, dont hate the power savings embrasse it
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