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    Thumbs up Dissatisfied with MAXIMUS VIII RANGER

    I've changed my platform to Z170 few months ago and I am displeased with MAXIMUS VIII RANGER for several reasons:

    - Ethernet port requires drivers to be usable. My previous 2 mobos didn't need it.
    - There is no way to disable power LED from the BIOS. I actually had to unplug the cable.
    - Static interference. OH-MY-GOD. Microphone is unusable when plugged via jack. It even caused buzz randomly in my headset. Plugging anything to had to buy cheapo USB sound card. Back panel is causing popping noises few seconds after sound activity. I'm forced to use my front panel because of it - which, again, has static noise after computer boots (though rarely reboot and use sleep instead) unless I reconnect the jack.
    - AI Suite or some other useless software causes keyboard lag during CPU usage. It made me waste so much time. I thought it was my OC...
    - Even the forum registration is frustrating. I've registered in two different places afair, then administrator had to approve my account.

    Just a few from the top of my head. Obviously - all of it did not occur on my previous motherboard, Z87 Asrock Extreme 4.

    The only thing I am happy about is CPU/RAM OC abilities. But most likely I could achieve the same on any other motherboard. And the fact I've received a free copy of DOOM.

    This is supposed to be a premium motherboard, yet it has caused so many problems...

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