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    Exclamation Rog g751jt battery led blinking pls help

    Dear all,

    I bought an asus rog g751jt lately.
    Being a heavy machine and not intending to use it outdoors i decided to remove the battery (which is under-the-hood & not easy accessible) to reduce its weight and had in mind to have it plugged most of the time
    so no need for the battery connected.

    Now each time i open my laptop after 2 hours in use the battery led is starting to blink continuously, as if the battery would be connected and as if it would have only 10% power...(mentioning here that windows sees "No battery connected" )

    Now the interesting part comes, i tried everything posted on the web with the same issue ! but with no luck
    - bios upgrade from version 206 to 210
    - kept power button pressed for 10 seconds (plugged and unplugged)
    - uninstalled and reinstalled ac adapter/acpi compliant in device manager
    - checked with aida extreme all the stress tests and components

    Even if i shut down the device the led is still blinking. It stops only if i remove the power cord and re plug, then after 2 hours starts again.

    I could cover the led and not seeing it anymore but i'm afraid that this might be a hardware/motherboard issue...

    This laptop is not new, i bought it from ebay and aside this issue it is working very well and smooth in gaming.

    It does not get hot it does not make any sound so what could cause that led blinking although windows sees no battery connected ?!
    Are these laptops made to work only with the battery assembled ? And why only after 2 hours it starts to blink, something must trigger that..

    Kindly asking your support ... i know there are other users of g751s which might of experienced this (there are many posts on the web about this issue but they refer to the g751 with the battery installed - & none of the solutions provided helped)

    Thank you
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    same problem with my g551jm, at this point i'm just accepting this problem. i will follow this thread, but i do not know how to solve the problem

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