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    Question Need 2nd Hard Drive Connector Cable for G74SX-AH71

    Howdy all.

    I'm looking for a second hard drive connector cable for my Asus G74SX-AH71 laptop. I just recently installed a Samsung Evo 850 SSD, but there didn't appear to be a cable connector to/from the second drive.

    I've already tried Asus tech support, and they told me they can only help in instances where an actual failure occurs; they will not sell or release parts for upgrades. They referred me to the Asus online store, and the lady there told me that regardless of what I was told by the guys in tech support, they do not stock and/or sell this part to individuals.

    I'm looking to see if anyone else has an idea of where I can buy a cable for this thing cheaply. The only option I saw was one website that wanted $189 for this one small part, and that's so utterly ridiculous I'd just as well buy a different computer. Furthermore, eBay and Amazon didn't seem to have any leads -- at this point, I'd even be satisfied with a decent generic part, but even those aren't coming up in any searches.

    Have any of you had any luck? I also wouldn't mind buying one off someone else whose G74SX kicked the bucket.

    *slurps his slushie*

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