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    Question (Help) G751GL Win10 - Sleeps randomly in Full-Screen Mode Only

    My laptop randomly goes to sleep when I'm in full-screen mode, either watching movies or primarily playing games. Switching to windowed mode resolves this. Event viewer shows no errors and only that the system is entering sleep due to "Lid or Button", but my lid is stationary and the command is not being pressed. This occurs while I'm actively inputting commands.

    - I've tried doing an in-place reinstall of Windows.
    - I've set my power settings to "Never" sleep in advance.
    - I've disabled Hibernate via the command line.
    - I've monitored the temperatures of the cpus and they're all fine.
    - SFC runs clean, no issues.
    - I've cleaned the computer with Defender, Malware Bytes, CCleaner, AdwCleaner, Junkware Removal Tool, and one that started with an R I can't recall at the moment.
    - This occurs when my computer is plugged in.
    - Power Troubleshooter comes up with no issues other than to reset the sleep settings whenever I set them back to Never.
    - Restarting my computer does not solve this.
    - The time interval is completely random. Can be 2 minutes into playing something or 2 hours, so I'm unable to replicate this reliably.
    - I've disabled the "Sleep" button.
    - The commands I'm entering have no effect at the time, I can be just clicking around with my mouse and this occurs.
    - Hard drive is at 60% capacity.
    - Starting in selective start-up with everything turned off has no effect.
    - Reinstalling display drivers and power drivers has no effect.
    - Swapping which USB ports are used / reinstalling the USB ports has no effect.

    I've had 3 sessions with Microsoft Windows support, 1 session with ASUS support (who ended up just wanting me to send it in), and a session with Blizzard support (why not). I've searched on this issue dozens of times and not found any solution that works.

    I live in New England and ASUS's support center for working on these things is in California and when I've sent things out it takes a month to come back, and that's when there's been easy-to-diagnose hardware issues. I've fixed laptops before and I know how long this thing can potentially sit on a shelf while they try to figure out a solution, so I'd prefer to fix this myself.

    Any possible brainstorming ideas/ solutions would be greatly appreciated. I'm worried this is a motherboard problem.

    Thank you

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