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    Question My Asus GL551J Overheats Quick

    So, its been about a year and a half since I got my Asus GL551 (Its quite a good laptop even to this day) and there is something I would like to address and that is my laptop overheating. Usually, I play hefty games like TF2 or GMOD and when I do nowadays, my laptop turns into Heat Man on Charcoal in a matter of a few seconds! Though, through the power of the "Intel Extreme Tuning Utility" (Which I only use for stats), the Package Temprature usually is around 80c-90c with it going up to 94c at times. So curious, is there any way to keep my laptop cool but at a point to where it WONT ignite into a nice 1000 keys Unusual Gaming Laptop (Get the refrence then gold star for you :P)? Thanks

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