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    Ambient Sensors for monitor functionality Windows-10 Fix

    When you first turn on your new Asus notebook you might have noticed something during POST before lock screen . You probably saw a awesome fade into color scheme and after first setting up windows-10 it was gone.

    Its now not just gone, its absolutly horrible at next boot and the logo jerks around, and starts to tear up the screen , ....

    Windows-10 by defualt turns off services based on notebook performance for windows experience and one of the things it thinks you don't need is a monitor display!

    True you might save a few extra seconds at boot but in the end, your display will eventually burn out

    Asus is known to have the highest,brightest monitors in the world and without acklight control and mobile display functionality being properly loaded the display will stop displaying not to mention the adapter its connected to.

    Quick short run down of how to correct it.

    Right-Click Taskbar select OPen task manager.
    Click services
    Open Services

    scroll down to (mine lists 3) sensors, they will be set to manual,/triggered
    Set all sensors to Automatic

    But dont stop there, also look for

    Windows Color Scheme
    Quality Audioa/Video

    After setting these all to automatic and starting them after finding them , signing out, then rebooting i was able to get my display to be recognized properly again and the Asus logo now once again fades and detects lighting and temperture correctly.

    Hope this helps save anyone else from the headache of a dead screen, or worse . A screen thats not dead but totally teared to the point of hurting the VGA running inside the notebook.

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