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Thread: RAIDr v2?

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    RAIDr v2?

    Any news or rumors on a next gen RAIDr?

    Looking for 2x M.2 slots and an on-board RAID 1/0 controller. Maybe "Pro" version having 4x M.2 slots (with Raid 10 as an option).

    NVMe a must but must also support AHCI for backwards compatibility (if possible)

    Support for PCI3 3.0/2.0 and either x8, x4, and x2 (backwards compatibility)

    Full load of RAIDr software (Tuning tools, HDD Caching, etc)

    The use of M.2 slots and NVMe ensures that it will will live longer before obsolescence catches up with it and that it can be expanded as memory gets cheaper and cheaper.

    You can sell it with or without the memory for people who already have an M.2 SSD.
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    NVMe RAID function depends on chipset
    but I hear some media reports Intel will let NVMe RAID work with H/B chipsets of next generation

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