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    Upgrade G20AJ to 1070

    I wanna upgrade my g20 to 1070. I have 970 in g20 and it's the best gpu for 1080p. But i would play in 1440p resolution and i need more graphics performance.
    I think that's the 1070 it's great choise for 2k gaming. Main question. For G20 needed only founders edition ? Because 970 in my g20 is reference model, hot air thrown
    outside pc. And i think that non reference design it's not good choise for this small pc. What guys think about it ? And last question, what about power connection?
    On my 970 i have 6-pin x2, but new cards have only 8pin connector. Can i connect 1070 without trouble ?
    Thanks for answers, have a nice day

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    I just put the 1080 in and since the 1070 is "almost identical"... you are golden

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    Ravenholme PC Specs
    Laptop (Model)Asus G20AJ-US009S
    MotherboardAsus H97
    ProcessorIntel Core i7 4790
    Memory (part number)16GB - Kingston DDR3 1600MHz CL11 1.35v SODIMM - KVR16LS11/8
    Graphics Card #1Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 - Founders Edition (ASUS)
    MonitorBenQ BL3201PH (4K/UHD IPS LED)
    Storage #1Samsung 850 Evo 500GB SSD
    Storage #2Seagate SSHD 1TB
    CaseAsus G20AJ
    Power SupplyAsus 180W PSU AC Adapter + Dell Y90RR 330W PSU AC Adapter
    Mouse Razer Ouroboros
    Headset Turtlebeach
    Headset/Speakers (The BenQ)
    OS Windows 10
    Accessory #1 ASUS (SBC-06D2X-U) Slim External 6x Blu-ray Combo Drive
    Accessory #2 Asus GPU Tweak II - OC: 2050 Mhz, 90°C max, 120% Power, vsync off
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    yeah the board has an 8 pin connector for the video card, the H97 motherboard has one 6 pin and one 8 pin connector. you might need to get an adapter for the adapter that's already in place or get a straight 8 to 8 cable (should've came with one or something similar if not then get a small one.

    if you're just going for a 1440p (2k) then the 1070 option is fine. i just installed the 1080 for my 4K display, it runs great. I also suggest installing Asus GPU Tweak II. it'll come in handy when you want to run silent mode when not gaming or if you want to overclock.

    Also make sure you have the 230w and 180w external PSUs. i'm sure you do because you have the 970 but doesn't hurt to check.

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    well any gtx 980 above will do 1080 & 2k gaming fine, if you want to do 4k then go for 1070 or 1080. you also have a great choice now for the rx 480 which is a great price around the £200 or $250ish and will do 1080p and 2k gaming fine. but you will need the 230watts and 180watts power brick


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