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    Poor Performance on Asus G750JS - Why?

    About 18 months ago, I purchased a new Asus G750JS, and I love the laptop itself. It runs quickly, and has a nice solid feeling. It handles everyday fantastically.

    A major gripe with it is how poorly it runs games. I get huge amounts of lag on most games, which I can't believe is the norm for a £1200 laptop with a Core i&7 processor and a GTX 870M.

    I reinstalled Windows 8 the other night and updated the graphics driver through the GeForce Experience, fed up with the way it runs, in an attempt to clean everything out, to absolutely no avail.

    Out of interest, I tried running the Windows Experience Rating to see what sort of score it would get. The Graphics ends up with a rating of 5.5, the lowest by far.

    What can I do about this? Games like Minecraft are almost unplayable without a severe reduction in quality, and Fallout 3 was incredibly laggy. It's a gaming laptop that struggles to run games.

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