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    Quote Originally Posted by karel1988 View Post
    Hi, since today i got the same Problem.

    Same Mainboard
    Same Ram (except i got 32gb)
    EVGA 980ti Hydro Copper

    For me all started with an normal Bios update. I used the option in the Bios to load the new file. 4101 (as this is the newest i could find on the Asus Website i am note sure what 8101 lumpen is talking about ?!

    I expected a lot of different Q-Codes .... 6b 95 96 b2 and many many more.
    I was running 3201for 1 day and my system was intable (after 3 years running more than stable overclocked)
    today i realized windows only detects 16gb ram. After reboot 24 gb ram, same showed up in bios.
    So i decited to downgrade the Bios (this time via flashback usb method) several times
    Ended up with Q-Code 76 regardless what i am trying or which bios i was flashing before

    Lumpen did you find a solution for your problem ?
    It seems like your system was also running good and stable before you touch a new bios ?

    Best regards
    No! Not find the nor answer nor solution((
    Yes mobo was fine all the time.
    My mistake BIOS was 0801 for downgrading. 4101 was fine but not really overclockable.
    Maybe 4101 not downgradable and it destroyed our boards?)

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