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    ROG G751JL Laptop no longer charging.

    So about two years ago I got the G751JL laptop and everything was fine until about a year ago where I had a problem with it, Sent it in to fix it. It was fine again.
    Couple months later (Now) I had to send it in again due to a bad battery because it wouldn't hold a charge anymore. Just got it back about a week ago and it started charging again until it kinda became a bit funky(?).
    I would plug it in and if the cord moved a little bit it would say no longer charge then go right back to charging again, Then a day later it just wouldn't charge so I moved to another outlet, Started charging up again
    Now, I've moved to every outlet in my room but it now refuses to charge up again, I know it can't be the battery since I JUST got it replaced so does it mean I need to buy a new adapter or is it something else that isn't the battery?
    I've done everything I could think of that doesn't involve buying or repairing something, Moving outlets up-plugging the plug in cord from the adapter, Leaving it unplugged from the outlet for a while, etc,
    Help would be appreciated, Thank you!

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    your best bet is to get a digital multimeter and test the charger or borrow one from a friend and test the charger with it
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    If your charger isn't bad, your DC jack is probably hosed. If so, thankfully it's able to be replaced, and not soldered directly on to the motherboard. This is a common issue with laptops with barrel jack adapters.

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