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    Graphics Driver Fails to Load, Reboot Fixes It

    Motherboard model: Rampage V Extreme

    UEFI Version: 3202

    CPU: 5930k

    Memory kit part number (s) and amount in GB: Corsair Dominator Platinum 2666MHz C15 - 32GB (Sorry I dont have the model # off hand)

    GPU: MSI 290X Lightning

    SSD/HDDs/Optical drives: Intel 400GB AIC SSD

    PSU: Corsiar AX1200i

    USB Devices (model/version number): Razer Diamondback and Corsair K70

    Monitor: Acer Predator 27"

    CPU Cooler: Watercooling

    PC CASE: Bench table

    Operating system: Microsoft Activated yes/no? Windows 10 Pro x64 activated

    Drivers Installed (include version): Everything is current

    Any third Party temp/voltage software installed: No

    System Overclocked (provide details)? No


    So, this is a strange one to me. I recently replaced my defective monitor with a new Predator 27", upgraded to the Intel PCIE NVME 400GB AIC and reinstalled Windows 10. My monitor hooks up via Displayport. Once in a while, when I boot up the computer the login screen is in 800 x 600 resolution and everything is huge, like the display driver did not start up properly. I am using the latest available from amd. If i reboot the computer when it restarts everything is back to normal. This doesnt happen always, but sometimes it does. Is this because I am using a g-sync monitor with an amd card right now? I plan to upgrade my GPU in a month or so, but its a strange issue. Has anyone had this happen to them? Before I upgraded to the new SSD and Monitor I had the same setup, and did not experience this. I have also reinstalled the GPU drivers. I just realized there are newer drivers, from 7/6 and I havent tried those, but I will try them, but still hoping there is someone who has had this issue before.
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    Legolas PC Specs
    MotherboardMaximus X Hero Wifi AC
    ProcessorIntel Core i7 8600k oc 5Ghz
    Memory (part number)Samsung DDR4 16GB
    Graphics Card #1ASUS NVIDIA GTX 1080
    MonitorASUS MS246
    Storage #1Samsung MZVPV256
    Storage #2Samsung MZVPV256
    CPU CoolerCorsair H110I v2
    Power SupplyPC 1200W Turbo-Cool 1200
    Keyboard ASUS SK2045

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    Hello, did you make sure that you plug both 8pin GPU connector to the graphics card?
    did you try taken it the GPU out and putting it back in? Normally, if there is driver issue with GPU and reinstall does not work and reboot works somtimes, it may mean the GPU has an issue, but only if you did not change anything in the BIOS.
    You have to contact MSI for troubleshooting the GPU.

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    I will reseat the GPU tonight along with the power connectors. I will also try a fresh install of the 7/6 drivers and report back. Thanks Legolas, BTW did you used to frequent XS? Name looks familiar.

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