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    64GB ITX motherboard? (Eventual Rant)

    Hello everyone! It's almost upgrade time for me since I built my Itx in late 2013 with the graphics upgrade in 2014 (see pull down for stats)

    For my next machine I want to make an ITX mostly because I love the small profile and the QC-17 case. But the problem lies in gaming.

    Currently I'm using an i7 4770k with 16gb ram and my games are on a 4tb Hybrid drive in intel Raid 1 (because, after dealing with repeated failing drives around the 3-5 year mark, I decided to go for overkill redundancy, and 2x read times helps with loading)

    Most graphic intensive games now are about 20-50 GB (Doom, Fallout 4, Diablo 3, Watch Dogs, Star wars Force unleashed 2...) and I've been using the Ram tool to cut down on load times.

    Anyway my request is this: Is there an ITX motherboard that supports 64GB DDR4 ram and a graphics card? 32 is too small for my needs.

    The idea is to have a small gaming station that I can load the game onto a ram drive and not deal with load times.

    If not, can I get a recommendation for an mATX build that'd be physically light? I want to be able to physically move this tower for Lan parties.

    There's no rush to this, as I'm looking do upgrade to the 1080ti (if/when released) or a MARS IV (if/when released, Gigabyte made a 1070 mini, which uses DDR5 instead of DDR5x... so it could be physlically possible that someone could make a dual 1080 board... 1090?)

    Anyway, the physical upgrade/redo will be in about a year from now. So far the plan is to make it as Asus ROG (because I like the brand/style) themed as possible. If not, then I'll go for a Fanless/pumpless build.


    Is there currently an ITX board that supports 64GB of ram? (Preferably Asus ROG)

    If not, Is there an mATX board that supports 64GB ram (ROG) and has an ASUS certified case?

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