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    Updated (Hasta-La-Vista 10 file assocations) Win10

    I caught on and hope others do to, this not only fixed my Live Tile in the Action Center located on the taskbar , it also cleared up blurry text, fixed audio and just plain made windows 10 run semi-smooth without the jitters

    seen here Click image for larger version. 

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    My college days didn't fail me on this one, same **** i ended up doing on Vista, you heard that right Vista seems all to familiar inside windows-10, and i know why....

    its that bad of a OS it doesn't even run well with the proper hardware. Note, i tried this on a 2011 laptop and it ended up running slightly slower then my now new A555dg. Both are AMD so its a good comparison when i was looking at performance vs Win10.

    Head to Free Country

    if you don't know of any good apps to replace a lot of extensions.

    having fun on Win10

    Needed to now add that after spending more time than i ever wanted to just straightening out file extensions, i had to drop Default Metro Photo Viewer in order to make my notebook work after the new 1511 build updates, they removed the old photo viewer making every Asus pre-installed app not run correctly and turned animations and pictures into slow running crashing environment.

    The short correction list without explanation that i know works without problems, this will not be all the associations people will want / need but these work without conflict or crashing

    First get the Old Photo Viewer back onto the notebook

    Windows Old Viewer - BMP / dib / jxr / tif / tiff / wdp

    Pre-installed Asus Cyber-link or chosen professional software - RAW formats only.

    Third-party photo viewer replacement created to replace default old viewer - flv / jfif / jpeg / jpg / png / spl / swf

    I use a real photo media creator as a third party that handles and replaces Flash, that is why you see flash listed on it. Flash only installs to Edge and its locked,

    List of hole to fill

    Java 32/64 - jnlp / jar

    Disk Imaging Software - b5t / b6t / bwt / ccd / cdi / cue / isci / iso / isz / mdf / mds / mdx / nrg / tc / vdi / VHD / vmdk

    Metro apps to keep, NONE if you can afford it sorry but they are trying to lock out every association in the system and people need to either decide to never use windows software again or make MS understand.

    This updated list is a reference or anyone that needs it an myself when association get out of control. This updated list will always work regardless of what updates happen, just remove / block the metro apps in the way
    Last edited by AtlasMinor; 07-24-2016 at 10:25 PM. Reason: Conflicts and signout / restart White Flashes now happen after most current Metro Photo Veiwer updates

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