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    Strix 1080 temps


    My Strix 1080 non OC hits around 68-71C @100% load no matter what the clock is set to. It boosts well over 2Ghz and still same temperatures, however I put fans to 70% as I noticed the "factory fan curve" is a bit "low" to keep card around 70C. I also moved the CPU radiator from the front as intake to the top as exhaust and that resulted in 7-10C lower temperature on the 1080 under load but 3-6C higher temps on my CPU but still under 60C @4,5Ghz (6700K).

    To keep highest boost clock you need to keep the Strix 1080 under 60C, next intervall seems to be @70C when it drops some Mhz and another intervall close to 80C.

    I experimented a bit to see what gives best temps, ofc that is 100% on all case fans and card fans but that is very loud. 70% fan speed on my Strix 1080 is max I use and I cant hear the card when headset is on. I also bumped up the speed on my Noctua 140mm intake fans instead of raising the fan speed on the Strix further (Strix fans sound a lot more than my Noctua 2000rpm PPC fans) and that got temps down further.

    Conclusion: I keep my Strix at factory clocks since it doesnt improve gameplay significantly and that gives the card a boost over 1800Mhz. When I say "doesnt improve gameplay significantly" that means I couldnt notice any difference unless I looked at graphs. All games I play run over or around 100fps @1440p ultra settings anyways so why draw more power and stress the card? If you game @4K then a 5-7fps difference could be huge.

    Hope my rambling helped any1 (I also hope France wins tonight ^^)

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    Your ambient temperature as well as airflow inside the case also helps to lower operating temperature.

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    It sounds like you found your sweet spot between noise and temperature, enjoy your new card

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    Quote Originally Posted by Menthol View Post
    It sounds like you found your sweet spot between noise and temperature, enjoy your new card
    Sweetspot is stock setting

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