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    2070 rog strix gaming fan issue

    Hello guys i have few questions.First of all i recently installed my brand new 2070 rog strix into my case.
    1-) My gpu is behaving weird because even tho the bios switch is on P (Performance) sometimes it just waits untill 81-82 degree to start its fans.Most of the time the fans are working but sometimes it suddenly stops working.I tried Redownloading drivers etc. I did everything besides formatting my pc (I also use windows revios maybe thats the problem) I also think that it might be because of my psu but i had no problem on my last graphics card.Also im using asus gpu tweak and fan settings are on default.

    2-) I really doubt that 0 db technology is safe for graphic cards.Im not an expert not an engineer but using the 0db quiet thingy means i'll be between 40-55 degree all the time when its idle.So it seems like reducing the life span of the graphic cards and increasing the life span of fans.I really dont care about the noise which isnt a problem especially when its idle.So i really want to know which one is wiser to keep my graphic cards safe and in best condition, using the 0db or not?
    Thank you.

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