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    Third monitor atached to thuderbolt port on G751JY-DH71 won't work

    Hi guys, I got a second monitor (already have an acer on the HDMI port) and was planning to connect the new one to the thunderbolt port next to the hdmi connector, but for some reason, nothing happens when I connect the new monitor to the port, I tested the on a Lenovo laptop that also has a thunderbolt port and it works as expected, but when connected to my ASUS, the only thing that happens in the monitor is the "no signal" error.
    So far have tested changing the parameters on the bios, installed the thunderbolt driver from ASUS site but the manager utility doesn't list any device (Not even sure if this means something, because the monitor is just hdmi and I use a converter cable, no a thunderbolt device), then switched from the latest drivers to 353.06, still no luck, then followed the suggestion of this post and the files from here but the third monitor still dead.
    I've tried to isolate the problem and seems that basically there's no signal coming out from the thunderbolt port, one clue that I have is that on the physx page, it lists 4 outputs listing native monitor, vga, hdmi and what seems to be a usb icon (not sure hot this is called), if anyone could provide some ideas would be great.

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