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    BIOS 2101 Question - Need help from 2101 useres...

    Greetings everybody!

    Because of constant restart and power looses I was froced to flashback BIOS from 3202 to 2101.
    And after this flashaback restarts and power looses seems to be gone - 3 days already of stable working.

    But now i have another problem:

    In 2102 BIOS under "Advanced" > "PCH Storage Configuration" option "Hot plug" for "SATA6G_7" - "SATA6G_10" had dissapeared !!!

    For "SATA6G_1" - "SATA6G_6" it is active.

    I've read the manual and it says that for "Hot plug" the "AHCI" must be enabled for correspopnding SATA Controller. It's enabled, but "Hot plug" is absent...

    Can someone take a look to your 2101 "Advanced" > "PCH Storage Configuration" ? Is "Hot plug" option available for "SATA6G_7" - "SATA6G_10" ?

    Thanks in advance guys!
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