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    ASUS Maximus VII Formula - Ubuntu 16.04 freezes - solutions? Win10 runs stable

    On my Maximus VII Formula, Ubuntu 16.04 64bit keeps freezing / locking up (meaning: requires hard reset / shut-off & turning back on) while leaving running overnight (only web browser open).

    My HW other than the already mentioned mobo:

    32 GB RAM
    i7-4790K @ 4GHz
    GTX Titan X

    I use the proprietary drivers for 3 x display on the Titan X and the Broadcomm for bluetooth (keyboard) and WiFi. Other than that, just the default desktop install.

    1. Has anyone else with this or similar mobo encountered Ubuntu keeps freezing / locking up and if so, what was the solution if any to fix that? I keep it updates automatically.

    2. What other distro do you use (Mint, Debian, Suse, ...) that runs stable with the on-board WiFi and bluetooth working and that doesn't freeze up?

    Thank you all for suggestions and whoever can resolve this for me - I really want to get away from using Win10, but I might have to go back to that if the freezing / locking up issue can't be resolved!

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