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Thread: PCI-E issues

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    PCI-E issues

    I recently purchased this board and everything was running fine until I updated the bios. Now my GPU in the top PCI-E X16 slot runs at 8x instead of 16X. The bottom GPU is running at 16x however.

    I needed to update the bios to support my new CPU (Phenom II X4 970).

    Is Asus going to do anything to address this issue?

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    Well if the issue is found to be happening for many people I'm pretty sure they will fix it, Brian could answer you with that. But it it's only a issue that affect you then it would be harder. Maybe you could try to flash again and reset the bios? only to see.

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    This happened to mine as well. I went back to an older bios and it didnt fix it, instead it ramped my CPU upto 1.79 volts from the rated 1.375 . Since then ,the #1 slot has completely stopped working. When I coldboot the PC ,the card in that slot runs the fan at 100% and it wont post. I cant even get the LCD to Det Dram. RMA in processs atm !
    Amazing product other than this =)....Wouldnt want another board till They come out with 4 CPU's on 1 board !

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