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    Documentation of my G751JY power issue and RMA warranty experience

    I'm starting this thread to share my RMA experience with the Asus Service Center for my G751JY.

    My very expensive (as you all know) G751JY started intermittently losing power about a month ago. It would regain power after I'd twist the power cord or just wait awhile. Then, about a week ago, after accidentally jerking the power cord (but not that violently), the laptop wouldn't get power no matter what I tried.

    Doing a bit of research online, I concluded the problem must be a broken power jack. I knew it wasn't the power adapter because I had tested it with a multimeter. I ruled out more serious problems like a fried motherboard because my G751JY is less than a year old.

    I was dismayed when I read about people's negative experiences with Asus warranty repair service, found through google searches. Thinking the problem was relatively minor and not wanting to risk having a negative experience with the Service Center, I took my laptop to a local repair shop in Virginia Beach. They also said the problem was probably a faulty power jack but couldn't say for sure until they ordered a new power jack and tested it. I paid $65, half the payment for a jack repair, and would pay the other half when done.Taking five days to come in, the new power jack did not solve the problem. The shop called me, saying that I have a short on the motherboard.

    At this point (this past Saturday, July 23) I knew I would probably be better off sending my laptop to Asus, even though their track record is not pristine, to say the least, because motherboard repair/replacement would be very expensive. I logged onto Asus live chat and was immediately greeted by a service rep. He assured me that my laptop is under warranty (even though a technician had tried to repair it) and gave me instructions to ship it to the service center in California [seriously, my laptop has to take a two-way cross-country trip to and from the East Coast?]. Online service was quick and friendly; the rep. sent instructions, a checklist (on which I'd have to describe the problem), and a free FedEx shipping label to my email.

    On Monday, July 25, I picked up my G751JY from the local repair shop. They did not charge me the other half for power jack replacement. I immediately drove it to the FedEx shipping center and paid $15.90 to pack it in FedEx's laptop specialty box. Although the laptop fit snugly in the cardboard box which has plenty of padding, I am kind of worried that this expensive "specialty box," probably designed to protect smaller laptops (although they apparently have another specialty box for small laptops), won't adequately protect my 8-pound laptop on a cross-country trek.

    The package is due to arrive this Monday, the 1st of August, though I hope it is there sooner.

    I am documenting this experience live because I am invested in my G751JY which was one of the most advanced and expensive laptops as of last year. It cost me $2,600, and I am not rich!!! No, I had saved up for it, knowing that it would be good for gaming for the next 5 years or so. I expected top quality and durability. It worked fine, satisfying my gaming desires, until it started to lose power. Yes, I was using it a whole lot. Yes, I would use it in bed on top of my blanket. But I would not often move it from place to place. I even bought the special backpack for it.

    I hope they fix it properly and in a timely manner.

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