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    Z170 pro gaming anti-surge triggered due to RAM ?!?

    HI, i'm new here so go easy on me. ^_^

    It's been a month that i built my first rig ever :

    Mobo : Asus z170 pro gaming.
    cpu : i7 6700K
    cpu cooler : Nzxt kraken x61
    RAM : Kingston HyperX Fury 16G 8x2
    HDD : WD blue 1To
    Case : Nzxt noctis 450 white
    PSU : Corsair rm850i.

    My problem is a random reboot followed by the z170 message :Power supply surges detected during the previous power on. Asus Anti-Surge was triggered to protect system from unstable power supply unit! Press f1 to Run SETUP.

    What I did until now in order to solve the problem or at least find its source :

    - Updated the bios to the latest (2 days ago) version 1904.
    - Updated the Corsair link software.(the previous version crashed a lot).
    - Tried to run the pc without the corsair usb cable.
    - Disabled the anti-surge feature of the motherboard (same results the pc still reboots).
    - I thought it was may be due to the operating system but it wasn't cauz once it rebooted before the windows could boot.

    - The Last thing i did : is that i removed one of my DDR4 ram modules and until now (7 hours ON) the pc is just fine.
    My ram is Kingston Hyperx Fury black 16G 2133 Mhz 8x2 and i plugged it as shown in the z170 user guide in the dimm slots A2 & B2. the one i removed was from B2 and another detail is that module model the HX421CL14FBK2/16 does'nt appear in the QVL list. Could it be a compatibility problem ? but why the anti-surge is triggered ?

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    Can you try a different power supply unit, even if you have to buy one(then take it back if nothing changes), if it was booting but now isn't. Remove the cmos battery do the jumper for 24 hours see if that does it, if you do get into the bios set you memory voltage manually
    so remember what its rated voltage is.
    Report back with results...
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    Unfortunately, the pc rebooted after 7h25 min. About the RTC battery remove + jumper trick > i've already done that without any result.

    About the ram voltage, all montoring softs (aida64 enginner edition, Corsair Link, Cam...) show 1.2 V very stable (do i need to set manually 1.2V in the bios ?!)

    I think that the only two options left for me are (i can't apply them right now ):

    - Changing the psu.

    - Buying a gtx 1080 and installing it in order to increase my power consumption, cauz the psu rm850i is designed for 850w (best efficiency % is 50%) and right now in a nromal use i don't exceed 57-60 watt wich means that i'm not even using 8% of it so it's under optimal conditions.

    What i'm trying right now is "i changed the multi-rail mode in corsair link software to single rail mode" in hope to see a change but someone suggested a new idea is : that maybe i need to separate the kraken power in (sata) from the HDD (same sata right now). and that's what i'm gonne try if the multi-rail trick fails.

    Thanks jaggerwild, i hope that other rogers will help too.
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    If you're still getting random reboots even after disabling the Anti-Surge function, something is definately wrong with your PSU. In that case, I wouldn't even think of disabling that option. Test your system with another PSU.

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    Failed again...

    the last two options failed too : i separated the kraken x61 and the hard drive sata cables, each one directly connected to the psu and still got the reboot. the single-rail mode too didn't do anything so i got back to the multi-rail mode.

    I guess i'll wait for the retailer to answer me about a possible rma of the PSU ...

    thanks friends, i'll keep you updated.

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