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    help replacing my g74sx motherboard

    Hey all! I've been banging my head hard over the past two days trying to figure this out. My g74sx-ah71 became bricked, bad. I tried to reset the cmos
    And all that and nothing. I know that i can sell the laptop for parts and get another but that's not in the budget. But I'm wanting to replace
    The motherboard and the only ones of my exact model no longer exist. So I've been bouncing between a few that seem exactly similar but

    These are from my understandings, if I'm wrong please correct me.
    I'll have to move over the cpu so the socket has to be compatible and the GPU is the same in them all, so I hope.

    My motherboard -- i7 socket s989 , 3gb GPU memory

    Option #1 -- i3/i5 socket s989 , same GPU memory

    Option #2 -- i7 socket 989 (not s989), GPU same

    Option #3 ? Is there another possible match?

    Please help me out as I'm losing it!!!
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