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    GPU Tweak II design issue

    Is there an issue with this programs algorithm?

    I am having a problem setting a correct clock with this program. Here is what happens:

    Setting the "boost" to anything results in an unintended amount of boost. For example, I want set the boost to 1936 MHz and I change the setting in GPU Tweak II to reflect that. I then run 3D mark firestrike / Heaven / Furmark and immediately crash. I am not crashing because my silicon chip is "garbage" or because its "not the silicon lottery". I am crashing because the card is actually trying to boost upwards of 2131- 2200 MHz. The GPU monitor attached to GPU Tweak II confirms this.

    It does not matter how I change the setting the results are always the same. Any designated "boost" in GPU Tweak II is actually much lower than the boost that occurs when activated.

    I have currently found a stable boost number. For this I am using a boost setting of 1911 MHz and the actual achieved boost that is stable is between 2012 - 2063 MHz. It works but the numbers do not match and we shouldn't have to do any guess work with these settings. We should be achieving exactly what we type into GPU Tweak.

    This program does not seem to be functioning properly.

    Please advise

    Asus ROG Maximus VIII Hero Alpha
    Asus ROG GTX 1080 Strix (non OC)
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