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    X550JX touchpad and noise problem

    Model name: X550JX-XX048D
    Bios Version: 209
    CPU: i7-4720HQ
    Memory: 8gb
    HDD: 1TB
    AC adapter: Original asus
    OS: Windows 10 64-bit (clean install), Activated
    Drivers: Everything installed from the given disc. Latest Nvidia driver, Intel chipset, intel HD, ATK package, Touchpad driver
    Any third Party temp/voltage software installed: NO
    System Overclocked: NO
    Hardware upgrade: NO


    My problem is that the pointer jumping around even if i don't touch the touchpad. This occurs randomly but mainly when the notebook is in my lap however it happens on a table too.
    When I start the notebook it works fine, without a problem but in 10-60 minutes it's going mad.
    The Asus Smart Gesture's tray icon shows that i continously touching the touchpad even when my hands are in the air, so there is absolutely no contact.
    Sometimes it shows that i touching it with 3 or 4 fingers and activating the features that Asus Smart Gesture provides.
    This problem first came after about 2 months from buying.
    I bought this notebook in 2016 february because my old notebook couldn't be repaired in 1,5 months by warranty and Asus compensated me. (touchpad problem but nothing like this)
    I noticed that when the problem occurs and I restart or put the notebook in sleep mode then awake it, the problem goes away for about 1-5 minutes then the pointer goes nuts again.
    This problem is present regardless of plugged in AC or not.

    My other problem is, that when I shutdown the notebook a repeating noise coming out of it. It's not too loud so in the daytime it's almost unnoticeable but at night before sleep it's very anoying.
    If i remove the battery the sound stops, but as soon as I put it back in it's place the sound starts again.
    This problem is present since the first battery charge

    I hope I've provided enough information and you can help me fixing these problems because I don't want to send my notebook to asus for repair and spend the rest of the month without a computer.

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