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    X99-S Post suddenly super slow - USB related?

    Hi all,

    Hope you can help me with this troubling issue.
    Today, after starting my computer, the mouse wouldn't work at all. Tried it in another usb-port - and it worked again. Plugged back in the same usb - not working.
    I restart my computer, and now the "Asus - press del or f2 to enter bios"-screen just stood still. No "loading circle" animation. It took like one minute - then suddenly windows started loading.
    In windows - evertyhing works as usual - but later on I noticed that I have a warning on one "Unknown USB-unit" in device manager.
    In between my trouble shooting - I think the first time I tried to enter bios - I got some message saying smth like OC settings not working. Anyhow - didn't come back.
    I've also noticed that the minute when it all stands still on bios post - the numlock of the keyboard and the laser of the mouse are both unlit - and when they finally ght up - the loading animation starts and everything starts up.
    I upgraded to latest BIOS 3301 - I've unplugged all usb devices except mouse and keyboard, and I've also changed usb ports - but problem persists.
    What have gone wrong?!
    My speakers - connected only via audio jack (not usb) have behaved strangely (electrically/a lot of buzzing when powering up/delayed start up/turning off) - but could that really harm the mobo in this strange way?
    I updated som drivers in windows without any noticeable effect but suppose that shouldn't affect the post?
    What to do? Except turning on the speakers and some regular windows updates - I haven't done anything out of the ordinary with my computer.
    Could it have something to do with the OC message that popped up once? But since I upgraded BIOS - all settings were set to default - and problem persists...
    Hope you pros can guide me here!

    I've thought of modifying the boot settings on usb - but if I set USB support to disabled - how do I get back into bios settings?

    i7 5820k 4.4GHz@1.3V, Fractal Design Kelvin S36, Asus X99-S, 16 GB Kingston HyperX@stock, 1 TB SSD Samsung EVO 840, 3 TB WD Red, 2xGigabyte GTX 970 OC (Windforce 3x) i SLI@stock, Samsung S27A850T, Seasonic X-1050, Fractal Design R5

    UPDATE: When I shut the computer yesterday night I pulled the cord. This morning - everything just works again.. The USB-error in device mngr is also gone... Confused..
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