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    ROG Front Base drivers in QEMU/KVM or Wine

    Hi everyone!

    At the moment I'm running a Windows 10 64-bit installation as a guest OS using QEMU/KVM on a Gentoo Linux host system.
    I have been able to install all the drivers I need except for the ROG Front Base ones; All the installers fail during the initial stage with three error dialog boxes:

    FoundDMI Fail
    GetSMBiosInfo Fail
    Fail to install AsInsHelp DLL

    I'm guessing that this is related to the drivers not being able to connect with the motherboard through the virtual machine, but I'd appreciate anyone's ideas on what the exact issue might be.
    Interestingly I can proceed through the installations without these error messages when using wine directly on Linux, but the installers all freeze at 100% and have to be killed.


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