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    Quote Originally Posted by JustinThyme View Post
    For some reason I cant open your image Nate, says Im not logged in or dont have sufficient privileges.
    Im sitting at 2Ghz boost @ 1.05V (only +30) which is about where the sliders maxed out at before I enabled overclocking range enhancement where it promptly crapped. Didnt change anything it just didnt like it. Caught hell recovering. Then pull the sliders back and GPUZ is showing the second card at default clocks and not changing with the other. Uninstalled, had to do a hard shut down then reinstall and everything is back to the way it was. Dont know how hard I will push it and if I go to pulling heat sinks on the 1080s it will be full cover EK blocks going back on. Feel more comfortable pushing it harder when I know I have better cooling. My go back to using the set up I had on my last build. Had to dig up a hole in my basement several years back and while I had it open I also had a section of hot water heating in floor heating that I put in the dirt before I filled it back with concrete. Ran low voltage wiring down to the basement from my second floor office/man cave. 12V from fan header connects to 12V coil in 120V relay for 1/4 hp pump in basement. Best completely silent system Ive ever had. No noise upstairs at all and with 50 ft of copper tubing and the coils in the dirt that stays 65F all year its one step shy of using a chiller. The loop never heats up. Glycol stays right at 65F.
    You must also take into consideration that the voltage is locked on these NVIDIA GPUs. It's true that NVIDIA gives us a little headroom to increase the voltage to get higher clocks. But you can only go so far.

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