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    Asus PG248q moving artifacts / Scan Lines


    I just got an Asus PG248q, the first thing I did was changing the refresh rate to 180Hz, as its the main the feature of this monitor.
    The first thing I immediately noticed were persistent/constant horizontal scan lines on the left lower side of the monitor.
    I tried a few things, changing the refresh rate was the only thing that worked. The lower I set the refresh rate the less faint scan lines do I get.
    If I set it to 144Hz the lines are still there and sometimes I get strange lines moving down the monitor.
    I wanted to ask if someone got the same issue with this monitor or if its a gerenal issue with 144+ Hz monitors.
    I already tried several things, eliminating electronical interference, reinstall drivers, using older drivers, nothing helped.
    When I turn GSYNC off the moving artifacts are gone while I still got scan lines(most visible at 180Hz).
    I ran the Inversion Uniformity Test at TESTUFO which was blinking, what it should not do.
    I ended up in returning it yesterday, I am now waiting for a new one.

    Are there any PG248Q Users who can share their experience?

    Thank you in advance.
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