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    Asus rog preinstalled applications g72vy

    Hello everyone,

    This post shows up how i screwed up myself by doing a clean install to my brand new G752VY, I find many people doing the
    same mistake as i did, so i thought of making up this post so i could get help also and other people also wont be doing the same mistake

    I bought this G752VY laptop which came with all the pre-installed applications and drivers, first i thought its all useless (MY BAD)

    so i did a clean install of windows 10 by formatting all HDD and SSD of my laptop and i lost all the drivers and software...

    once i was done with the new windows 10, i was not able to install all the drivers from the official website of ASUS Support they didnt
    provide me the link of many software such as SONIC STUDIO etc.

    the only way i could get all those software like how it was before is to find a person for me to upload the Efolder where i could download
    the drivers... I please you guys... if someone could help me out....

    I now understand the problem of doing a clean install... i just want to get rid of this problem and i do recommend to everyone that never
    perform a clean install to your G752VY

    Now please someone provide me a link to all those Bloatware/Pre-Installed applications and drivers ASAP so i could get my laptop back to normal
    I got a lot of work to be done, everything is now screwed up...

    thank you very much

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