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    ASUS honestly doesn't care, this'll be my last ASUS product. Their website is poorly translated to english, their support barely speaks english... After dealing with the audio dac, I completely give up. Never buying another asus again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chino View Post
    Have you connected the 6 pin PCIe cable to the unit? And did you install the latest driver?
    I have the USB 2.0 Cable plugged into the motherboard. The 6 Pin
    PCI EXPRESS POWER CABLE provides only power correct?

    If I plug the headphone jack into the mic port on the front I hear an electrical noise so the unit is getting power but still no sound.

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    Quote Originally Posted by qwertz View Post
    Seems that not best programmers are working on this platform , or they have so low time limits that they cant even test software for visible errors and far from testing for bugs or testing under dif operating conditions.
    The first day i finished system build , probably in first hour of slightly touching aisuite "fan expert" i managed to get aisuite fan controls crash and lose all cooling to system, including cpu fans stopped , simply by changing settings.

    If the software is so weak that underliyng operations can be destabilized simply by changing settings, its not good sign. But i was optimistic at the beginning and waited for fixes.

    Now i have used the board for long enough to see more bad soft, however hardware side appears very impressive and stable.
    Running 100% cpu almost every night and hardware is stable even if room get hot ambient temps.

    But soft is ****.
    Even the forum is unstable and many features dont work.

    Was also having problem with headphone output, (the one that is opamp amplified and connects to case socket).
    It had not been working for 3-4 month or more, was hoping for bios updates or drivers to fix the issue but no help from those.

    Before when connecting to headphones , it used to make clicking sound to check resistance , and set volume levels accordingly.
    But that didnot work also.

    It was not os or software related or to my programs as i havd been reinstalling sound drivers , reisntallin os, testing dif drivers and updating bios multiple times.
    When updating bios all user setting got lost on each time, but not really because some bad data had to be somewhere.

    Also measured case audio wires to make sure problem is not there.

    Problem first occured at random moment, could have been bios update or if remember correct it was after audio driver update when it occured.

    Bios 33xx latest didnot fix it
    Realtek driver 6.01.7571 Also tryed older drivers to fix.
    Os win7 x64 and x32 tested
    Mb rev 1.xx

    Got it finnaly fixed by simply disabling audio controller in bios , resterting and enabling it.
    But for how long until step on some other weakspot of Asus software?
    This platfrom is suposed to be enthusiast and all but i dont dare to touch any setting in rampage v anymore as the soft underneagth seems very fragile.
    Out of interest id like to know what could have been the cause?
    My guess is some variable in some chip got 0 instead of 1 or something similar.
    Its suposed to be asuses job to debug and test software under dif conditions.
    Also just visual ui looking, if installing "new" version of aisuite shows correct cpu freq / mem etc is essencial.
    And if there are differences between dif board revisions and way data is handles asus should test it under all dif conditions etc etc to save countlless days of collective user time.
    You could hire random kid to play around with the softwares / settings and ask to point out problems, but instead it seems all just get relased without any second thoughts.
    Cant wait to try turning it off and back on in bios never thought of that. My Thunderbolt add in card had a similar issue. Did not work but turning it on and off in bios enabled it to work. Crazy that we have to do this with a motherboard at this price range.

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