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    Gps3dx PC Specs
    Laptop (Model)Current: G751JT | Retired: G55VW, G51JX
    MotherboardInc M.2 slot
    Storage #1Samsungs EVO 850 128GB
    Storage #21TB HGST Travelstar 7K1000 (HTS721010A9E630)
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    Mouse Logitech MX 518
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    OS Cleaned installed Windows 10 HOME x64
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    HOW TO REMAP FN+KEY and special buttons: "Steam", "ROG" & "ShadowPlay"

    --------- GUIDE: HOW TO REMAP FN COMBO (fn+key) ---------

    ------- & SPECIAL BUTTONS: "Steam"Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Steam-icon.png 
Views:	425 
Size:	1.5 KB 
ID:	59094, "ROG"Click image for larger version. 

Name:	ROG_x40.png 
Views:	419 
Size:	4.9 KB 
ID:	59095& "ShadowPlay"Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Videocamera-32.png 
Views:	413 
Size:	3.4 KB 
ID:	59096 -------

    ------- USING "AsusNbKeys" --------

    List of remap-able fn+Key ( i.e Which Keys can be remap together with fn ):
    1, T, C, V, F3, F4, F7, F9, Num Enter,(arrows, not num) ↑, ↓, →, ←, Shadowplay, Steam, ROG
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	AsusNbKeys_GUI_75.png 
Views:	454 
Size:	53.3 KB 
ID:	59097

    • The m1,m2,m3 (etc) buttons CANNOT be remap using this method, for this you should use "Asus ROG MacroKey"
    • I'm NOT "AsusNbKeys" original developer, so DO NOT ask me for any changes/upgrades/etc for AsusNbKeys.
      The work I've done is limited to some extra fixes and adding new features in AsusNbKeys.
      The source code (of any update) is publicly publish below and you can make your own changes.
    • Credits to original developer/s: NP_, download1001s from forums

    How to INSTALL "AsusNbKeys"

    2. Download and INSTALL ( yes x32 version !!! & don't restart afterwards) from

      * previously I publish download link to - in retrospect I DO NOT RECOMMENDED TO USE that version due to wikileaks report.
      therefor, don't blame me if using ATK version v100011 with AsusNbKeys isn't working as it should.
      "ATK_Package_win7_32_Z100008" from ASUS SUPPORT SITE: )

      extract and run Setup.exe as ADMIN.
    3. Download & Extract "Asus Notebook Keys" ---> Asus Notebook Keys
      ( Source & Credit: download1001s from forums.)
    4. Install "Asus Notebook Keys\setup.exe"
      Note: This installer will add "AsusNbKeys.exe" to the autorun list during startup - do NOT disable it otherwise the fn keys remap won't work !
    5. ONLY then, Copy HControl.exe from above extracted folder into "ATK Hotkey" & overwrite the existing file.
      ("ATK Hotkey" default path: "C:\Program Files (x86)\ASUS\ATK Package\ATK Hotkey")
      goto "ATK Hotkey" folder, EDIT "HControl.exe" by using any HEX-editing software (like the free Notepad++ with Hex addon) by FOLLOWING THIS GUIDE.
      In short, you need to search for unicode-string "ATK0100 AC EVENT %d" which ends with HEX value of "20 25 64".
      Change these HEX value to "00 00 00", which removes the " %d" after the string "ATK0100 AC EVENT".
      SAVE changes!!!
      ONLY then, Copy the modded "HControl.exe" to "ATK Hotkey" - overwrite the existing.
      ("ATK Hotkey" default path: "C:\Program Files (x86)\ASUS\ATK Package\ATK Hotkey")
    6. Because we've installed an old version of ATK package ( So we can get AsusNbKeys to interact with ATK package ),
      we need to update some files to get Win 8.1/10 support (which fixes touchpad toggle & on-screen atk action animations), thus the need to do the following step:
      Download "", extract & OVERWRITE the files under "ATK Package" folder.
      ("ATK Package" default path: "C:\Program Files (x86)\ASUS\ATK Package\).
      That is so the fn+F9 (touchpad enable/disable) can function as it should - together with the above zip "fixed" files.
      if you haven't: uninstall any previous touchpad driver and install ONLY ONE of the following based on your Windows version:
      Windows 8.1
      Windows 10
      (Elan driver)
      Smart Gesture
      ( if by any future driver update my files *might* not fix what they should )
      1. Download&extract "ATKPackage_Win10_64_VER100039" from asus Site:
      2. extract "\data\409.msi" files by using the following command in CMD with admin prevleges ( PATH is the place where files will be extracted like "c:\temp" + I presume that you've CD to the folder "409.msi" sits in )
        msiexec /a 409.msi /qb TARGETDIR=PATH
        ** IF YOU GET ERROR 2203 "The installer has encountered an unexpected erro installing this package" use PATH like "C:\temp\" or "C:\" - it should allows you to exec the command with no problem.
      3. goto PATH and copy "ATKOSD2" folder to "C:\Program Files (x86)\ASUS\ATK Package\" -> OVERWRITE EXSITSING
      4. Check what type of official TouchPad driver you've previously installed.
        If you installed "ASUS Smart Gesture (Touchpad Driver)"
        Copy "AsusTPCfg.exe" & "AsusTPCfg64.exe" from PATH\ATK Hotkey and OVERWRITE the one placed (by default) in "C:\Program Files (x86)\ASUS\ATK Package\"
        If you've installed "Elantech Touchpad driver"
        Copy "ElanTPCfg64.exe" & "ElanTPCfg.exe" from PATH\ATK Hotkey and OVERWRITE the one placed (by default) in "C:\Program Files (x86)\ASUS\ATK Package\"

    7. UPDATE AsusNbKeysCtrl.exe & AsusNbKeys.exe using the LATEST version from the link provided just below,
      by OVERWRITING the existing files in "AsusNbKeys" folder.
      ( AsusNbKeys default installation dir: "C:\Program Files (x86)\ASUS\ATK Package\AsusNbKeys" )
    8. (Optional) if you don't like fn+arrows ( right, left, up, down ) to function as media controller that controls ONLY windows media player -> Disable "DMedia" in msconfig.exe !!!! (i.e do NOT let it autostart @startup )
      How to do that ?
      Press Start/win Button -> type 'msconfig' and hit Enter -> Startup tab -> uncheck DMedia in Startup Item column.
      Note, that AsusNbKeysCtrl.exe comes with the arrows key presets preconfigured with "global" media operations like play/pause, stop, next/previous song - you can change it using AsusNbKeysCtrl.exe.

      if you DO like it -> leave DMedia runing at startup BUT remove the preconfigured 4 preset that already are found inside "AsusNbKeysCtrl.exe" by running the app and remove these 4 presets.
      ( AsusNbKeysCtrl.exe found by default in "C:\Program Files (x86)\ASUS\ATK Package\AsusNbKeys" )
    9. Reboot to apply ATK package & AsusNbKey on the hole system.
      without reboot -> ATK package won't work -> thus, AsusNbKeys won't work !
    10. That's it ! :-) Enjoy remap using AsusNbKey.

    How to USE "AsusNbKeys"

    1. Perform the above INSTALLATION guide.
    2. Update to the latest "AsusNbKeys" by performing the below "How to update ?" part.
    3. REBOOT ! ( because you need to re-run "HControl.exe" and exec "AsusNbKeys.exe" which auto-start after a reboot ).
    4. open "AsusNbKeysCtrl.exe"
    5. To add a new key rebind, press "Add new event..." -> press the Fn+key combo or any *special* key ( steam/rog/camera )
    6. Add a description ( just some text in your own words so you know what this rebind do ) under Description
    7. Pick EITHER "Execute file" OR "Keystroke"
      • if "Execute file" is chosen -> Press the "..." button at the right side and pick a file to run ( like an EXE/cmd/bat etc... )
        • If you are running some exe/bat/cmd that can recieve special "switches", enter them under "Parameters"
        • Example: you want to remap "STEAM" so it will NOT launch (as default action ) the steam app in a bigscreen mode,
          choose "Execute" pick "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\Steam.exe" or from where evet you've installed it, and under "Parameters" input "steam://open/games/" or any other commandline switches.

      • if "Keystroke" is chosen -> open the drop-down-list from the right and choose an "action" that you want the previously selected fn+key/special key to execute ( e.i pick "printscreen" if you want to rebind whatever key you chose to "printscreen" )
        • note that you can make a "combo remap", by choosing not just a value under the drop-down-list, but also by selecting one or more of the following options: Ctrl, Alt, Shift and even the "WIN" key.
        • Example: say you want to remap the STEAM key so it will behave like "Alt+Tab" to switch to the last opened window,
          just check the "Alt" checkbox and pick from the drop-down-list the value "Tab".
        • Example2: say you want to remap the STEAM key so it will behave like "ESC",
          just pick from the drop-down-list the value "Esc".
          NOTE: remap to ESC key might not work while running DirectX/OpenGL games ( fullscreen or otherwise, while they're at the foreground )
          Please search for any new posts in that matter in this thread.

    8. Press the "Save" button ( between "Remove" and "Cancel" ).
    9. repeat steps 1-8 if you'd like to add more keyremaps then Press the "Save all changes to system".
    10. Press the "Restart AsusNbKeys process" to kill & re-run "AsusNbKeys.exe" ( or perform that manually by using Windows Task manager )
    11. The remap is DONE, try out the remap ! :-)

    ------------------------ CHANGE LOG ------------------------

    What's *NEW* in 'AsusNbKeys v1.6' ?
    • "Stop AsusNbKey Process" button changed to "Restart AsusNbKey Process",
      Thus you kill and start 'AsusNbKeys.exe' from within the AsusNbKeysCtrl GUI app with only one press of a button.

    What's *NEW* in 'AsusNbKeys v1.5' ?
    • Added New sticky keystrokes: Win button !!!
    • Some GUI adjustments: resize & move

    What's *NEW* in 'AsusNbKeys v1.4' ?
    • Added New keystrokes: Num / Scroll / Caps Lock !!!
    • Added New keystrokes: Windows Start, Windows Menu !!!
    • Few GUI grayed/not grayed fixes

    How to update ?
    1. Perform the above guide (How to INSTALL "AsusNbKeys") to the letter.
    2. Download the attached AsusNbKeys zip & extract, overwrite/replace "AsusNbKeysCtrl.exe" & "AsusNbKeys.exe" with the latest updated version of 'AsusNBkeys'.
      ( AsusNbKeys default dir:"C:\Program Files (x86)\ASUS\ATK Package\AsusNbKeys" )

    Latest Version:
    Download AsusNbKeys
    Source Code:
    Download AsusNbKeys v1.5 :
    Download AsusNbKeys v1.4 :


    Few last notes:
    • emulation of numlock might NOT work if you're running a game (fullscreen?).
      nevertheless, I published another guide with a solution that works within games, but the downside is a delay of ~1sec from pushing the key till the numlock toggles.
    • The AsusNbKeys v1.4(and above) Fixes/new features are my *original* work, But I give full credit to the original 'AsusNBkeys' developer NP_ & download1001s for the "Asus Notebook Keys Installer" - both from forums
    • I compiled the source code with Visual Studio 2015, thus the file size of "AsusNbKeysCtrl.exe" is ~1.8MB, I.E x8 bigger then the originally unknown V.S that NP_ used.
      Thus, I would love to hear tips&advises to help me fine tune the compiling process to get a smaller exe.
    • All of the source code, with my latest updates is publish here, together with the compiled/binary exe file.

    ---------------------- Tips: Useful Remaps ----------------------

    • Remap "STEAM" , so it will NOT launch the steam app in a bigscreen mode
      (since it is its default action and for many it's unwanted ):NOTE: this remap is was not tested, so please report back if it does.
      • Description:
      • Execute file:
        C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\Steam.exe
      • Parameters:

    • Remap "ShadowPlay" to toggle ON/OFF the Built-in Camera:
      ( tested with x64 WIN8/10 on G751JT )

      1. ​Goto device manager to indentify your built-in webcam Hardware ID -> under imaging device open the properties of your webcam -> goto Details tab -> pick "Property" named "Hardware ID" note the values !
        ( the important parts are something like "PID_B414&MI_00" )
      2. You need "edit" that HW_ID a bit: add "^" before any "&".
        E.I My HW_ID is "PID_B414&MI_00" -> so I get "PID_B414^&MI_00" after editing.
      3. Download the attached "" and extract it somewhere.
        Disclosure: this zip contains few file that *might* seems suspicious to your A/V or to you, please let me explain:
        • "WCSwitcher.bat" contains a command prompt script that asks for "elevated permissions" ( i.e run as admin ) & then call devcon.exe to disable/enable the webcam ( HW_ID you provide ).
          The script needs "elevated permissions" since "devcon.exe" which sits under "system32" folder and must be executed with "elevated permissions" in-order to work properly.
        • "devcon.exe" was created by MS and is part of one of their FREE public developer tools.
          it is an app that can enable/disable devices on the computer from a command prompt ( i.e dos command ).
          NOTE for win8: you *might* need to get different "devcon.exe" that was compiled for win8 exclusivly,
          Since the "devcon.exe" I provide is for sure works on WIN10, but I don't remember if it works for WIN8 as well.

      4. Transfer any folder & file under "%programfiles(x86)%" to your "programfiles (x86)" folder
        ( or any other folder - just note that for the purpose of this guide I choose to put "WCSwitcher.bat" and the .vbs file inside "%programfiles(x86)%/steam" folder )
      5. Open "WCSwitcher.bat" with notepad, search a line that starts with "SET Device=" and paste that modded short HW_ID you've find in previous steps.
      6. Goto Hstart Homepage, download it, and extract "hstart64.exe" to same folder as "WCSwitcher.bat".
        Disclosure: "hstart64.exe" is a file that many A/V & internet security apps returns FALSE POSITIVE.
        as its developer write in his site: "Hstart... allows you to run console applications and batch files without any window in the background, handle UAC privilege elevation ...."
        Personally, I use it, and it NEVER caused me any issue nor harm.
      7. Transfer any folder & file under "%SYSTEMROOT%" to your "%SYSTEMROOT%" folder ( by default it is the "c:\windows" folder )
      8. Goto "%SYSTEMROOT%\System32" where you've just move the file "devcon.exe" -> right click on it, choose properties -> goto tab "Compatibility" and enable the checkbox for "run this program as an admin".
      9. Next, Open AsusNbKeys, and remap the "ShadowPlay" button to either one of the following:
        • Description:
          WebCam Switcher
        • Execute file:
          C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\hstart64.exe
        • Parameters:
          /NOCONSOLE /RUNAS "C:\Progra~2\Steam\WCSwitcher.bat"

    • Got any other very popular/demanded remap ? please reply...

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