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    Quote Originally Posted by morzseya View Post
    Thank you for your work. It's really amazing!
    I am thinking some modification, but my c++ skills are very low.
    Could you create a simple modified version of AsusNbKeys to remap only the ROG key? And leave the other hotkeys with the original settings
    sorry, I can't, since this require A LOT of free time, and coding isn't my specialty ( it's just a hobby ).
    nontheless, if you ONLY want to rebind the ROG key, perform the guide, enter AsusNbKeys setup screen -> wipe all the current bindings ( i.e reset them to the default "asus" way ) -> then add only the ROG key and bind it to whatever you want.

    that way, only the ROG key will be remap and the rest will work as Asus intended for them

    Quote Originally Posted by morzseya View Post
    My bad, but if is use this program, I cant use the keyboard light modifier hotkey, display off, etc. This progam trapped all of the orignal settings, and don't let them to run. How can we leave that in the original state?
    have you got my "" file from the guide ?
    I ask because that should solves that issue...

    if you've done that but still got the same issue, your laptop might need different "exe" from some latest ATK package.
    you need to do some extraction work...look at my guide under the "HOW TO DO STEP 6 THE MANUALY "
    You of course need OTHER VERSION of ATK pacakge, not the one I linked in that guide... then perform the rest of that guide to extract the installer and getting the right "exe" that solves this issue of yours.

    just to be clear, you need to install OLDER "ATK pacakge" as I wrote in my guide, then extract some EXE from one of the newest "ATK PACKAGE" ( DO NO INSTALL IT ) then copy these exe in the installed "atk package" folder under it "program files" sub-folder as I wrote in the guide.

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