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    Where can I purchase a new OEM battery for an Asus ROG G551JW???

    Can someone tell me where I can purchase a OEM battery for an Asus ROG G551JW? I purchased a battery fro Best Buy and is garbage. I called Asus and they told me to send my computer to them. They would not sell me a battery or tell me where I could purchase one. If I cannot purchase an OEM battery where and what battery would someone suggest?

    I will order from the US if I have to but I am in Canada and would prefer to get one from here if I could.

    Thank you in advance....

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    Best luck I've had finding a vendor is do a Google on your battery's model number. You also might try Batteries+, not sure what they have currently.

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    Considering the age of your laptop, finding a fully functional battery from any site is going to be a crap shoot. I know several sites that have your needed battery but whether they can provide a good battery is not a given. And returning that battery for a replacement is troublesome.

    I could google for a Canada site, but that is what you should be doing. I can not recommend any battery source that would give you a fully functional battery for such an older model laptop. I normally source part numbers from the EU ASUS eStore. It doesn't even list your model.

    Good Luck
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    Cool G751JT very happy with new battery.

    For whats its worth I had all problems described above with my G751JT. For years I muddled through until battery pack went completely dead.
    I mustered up courage and bought a new battery off Amazon, found the utube video where the guys replaces battery on G751. I followed his steps and I now have a fresh battery and its like a new computer to me. No more worries about all the flashing lights.

    BTW I took the old battery pack apart to see if any of the 18561 batteries were good. I tested them all and though old and low on capacity they were all still good and probably were not the cause of failure. I attribute failure of this pack to the BMS, battery management system board that is in the pack, which controls the charging and balance of the 8 / 18650 LIPo batteries. These circuit boards are the weakness IMHO.

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    New batteries available here though looks like they only ship to EU, UK etc.

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    go to asus service center , get battery from there

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