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    Quote Originally Posted by JustinThyme View Post
    If you uninstalled it to rule it out completely download and run Ccleaner. Go to program files X86>ASUS>and delete the GPU tweak II folder.
    Then run the Ccleaner to remove orphaned registry entries. If you are still experiencing the same issue after you should consider looking at something else being your culprit.

    In the future Ill gladly take your money and do a better job at tanking your system. I promise when Im done it will be tanked with no chance of recovery!
    My pc started going haywire. I tried doing a clean install of the Crimson drivers but it only installed them partially. Next I tried DDU in safe mode. After the reboot all I had was a black screen. Even when I finally got into windows...all of the restore options failed. I ended up having to format my hd and reinstall windows. I also reinstalled the Crimson Relive driver but not Gpu Teak...and now I'm playing all of my games in crossfire problem free. I uninstalled that Xbox app + game bar and performance improved.

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